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About Us

The League of Historical Societies of New Jersey, founded in 1966, is composed of over 300 organizations that represent over 45,000 individual members. While most of the organizations in the League are local historical societies, it also includes statewide societies and related institutions, county agencies, museums, libraries and archival groups, historic preservation agencies, and a variety of other organizations devoted to and interested in New Jersey history.

The members of the League share information and ideas about their activities and their problems, and about the work of other groups engaged in saving New Jersey history, county by county, and town by town. They conduct cooperative activities to advance preservation and knowledge of the history of New Jersey.

The League holds three meetings each year for all of its members, one in each of the regions — Northern, Central, and Southern. These meetings are hosted by member societies of the League.

The League welcomes to its membership all historical societies in the state and all other organizations and institutions that work for the preservation of New Jersey history.

Our state's history is incredible. Let’s preserve and promote it together.




President (2022)

Brian Armstrong

South River Historical and

Preservation Society


First Vice President (2022)

Bruce Tell

 The Canal Society of New Jersey


Vice President, Northern (2022)

Jane McNeill

Victorian Society

Vice President, Central (2022)

Mary Swarbrick

Fellowship for Metlar House


Vice President, Southern (2022)

Timothy Hart

Ocean County Cultural & Heritage


Secretary (2022)

Hannah Kerwin

Somerset County Library System

Executive Director/Newsletter Editor (2023)
Linda Barth

D&R Canal Watch

Historian (2023)
James Lewis

Morristown and Morris Township Library

Director of Strategic Initiatives (2023)
Cristen Piatnochka

Treasurer (2022)
Pary Tell
Lighthouse Keepers of New Jersey

Election Information

Elections are held in even numbered years at the Fall Membership meeting.


Terms of Office

A.  The President, First Vice President, and Regional Vice Presidents serve two-year terms and may serve only two consecutive terms for a maximum term of four years.

B.   The Secretary, Treasurer and Historian serve two-year terms and may be reelected without limitation.

C.   Trustees serve four-year terms, unless appointed to fill an unexpired term.  They may be reelected without limitation. The two Trustees for each region shall be alternated so that only one shall be elected every two years.

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